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Flowers, a natural and connecting bond

The measures taken by the authorities to stop the spread of Covid-19 force us all to change our habits. Confinement, home work, solidarity are words that punctuate our daily lives. Like many others, Téléfleurs had to reorganize its activites to allow you to keep this social link with your loved ones while supporting local actions and our hospitals.

An exceptional new organization

  • As of March 13th, all our teams were asked to work from home without waiting for the official announcement from the Governement.
  • This allowed us to test our infrastructure and also reassure our teams on the preservation of their health as well as their family.
  • For the teams in our production workshop, strict compliance with hygiene guidelines and security measures.
  • Shift in our teams' working hours.
  • Exemplary solidarity from all our staff.

Maintaining flower deliveries

The social bond is essential and we know that flowers allow you to be close to your family despite the distance. We all need to change our habits and find solutions to deal with this exceptional situation.

  • Due to the administrative closure of florists, we have limited the collection of bouquets on our site.
  • This limited collection is only available with courier delivery from Tuesday to Saturday.
  • All deliveries are made without direct contact with the recipient for upmost protection.
  • These deliveries help supporting our local grower and offer a choice of fresh seasonal flowers, such as tulips or lily of the valley.
  • We are preparing the reopening of florists with a specific collection and we are ready to support them as soon as they are able to deliver again.

A united commitment

« The situation over the past few weeks has shown us how important the connection between people is. Every day we see and experience that flowers provide us with this support and presence, when distance and protection keep us away from our family and friends. Our values and our mission to bring people closer together by bringing them a little happiness with flowers, achieve their full meaning in these difficult times. As the CEO of Euroflorist, I am proud to be able to ensure this connection and hope between people thanks to all our teams, florists and our production partners.

This bond of hope is also due to all the nursing staff who are struggling every day and who also need our support. We have chosen to show them our gratitude by supporting the Foundation of the Hospitals of France. For each order placed on our website, we donate 1€. Health is the most precious good that we have, that's why I also invite you to make an additional donation in order to bring even more means to our hospitals for concrete daily actions with people in need. »

Per Lindsjö, Euroflorist CEO

I donate

Thanks to its Emergency Aid Fund, the Foundation has already responded to many needs in more than 100 hospitals and nursing homes across France. Among which: the purchase of respirators, syringe pumps, nutrition pumps, painkillers, equipment in digital material (tablet with camera) necessary to maintain the family bond, the development of rest rooms for the nursing staff, hotel rooms and transport solutions for the nursing staff…

You can also act and support! I donate