Our mission, our values

Since the very beginning in 1982, Euroflorist’s mission has been to help people send greetings through flowers. Together with our florists, we offer the easy and safe way to make your friends, family, colleagues and loved ones feel happy, noticed and remembered. We also work to help the florists in our network, by making their everyday life easier and contributing to the success of their own companies. Today we have Europe’s biggest network of professional florists. Together, we help you send flowers wherever you want, whenever you want. Whether it is to the other side of the city, the country or anywhere in the world. Since the start, our head office has been situated in Malmö, Sweden. Today, we have operations in 12 countries, with offices in Sweden, Holland, England, Germany and France. Euroflorist’s history spans three decades.

Our core activity is to deliver flowers at your door with an artisan florist close to the recipient's home. Thanks to a network of 10 000 independant florists we can deliver flowers everywhere in Europe and worldwide through our partnership with Teleflor International. In France more than 2000 craftmen florists create and deliver unique products with the assortment of fresh flowers and plants available in their shops.

All bouquets and arrangements are unique creations made with fresh and premium quality flowers which may vary from a day to another, from a city to another, according to the flowers available in the shop. This local and unique touch is the core of our business and we put energy to help and promote our florists know-how. This is the reason why all pictures of our collections may vary from the final products delivered by our florists. But we guarantee freshness and quality. If the local florist hasn't got all the exact flowers he/she will deliver a similar product with colour, size and shape. Together with our florists, we are proud of being the messenger of your feelings and emotions through flowernd and your trust is very important to us.


  • Same day delivery within 4 hours
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Shop online 7 days a week
  • International delivery
  • 2000 professional artisan florists in France, 10 000 in Europe

 The Euroflorist Story

In 1982 Peter Jungbeck established the Company to service Swedish florists with a better floral order relay system. From his background in the technology business, Mr. Jungbeck from the start provided florists with the best platform for trading floral orders between each other.

In 1990 the Company’s name was changed from Svensk Blomsterförmedling to Euroflorist and Mr. Jungbeck embarked on an expansion plan to become today the largest florist member relay network outside North America. Euroflorist offers complete country wide coverage in each market it operates in to ensure all flower orders are designed and delivered by a professional retail florist. The Company is also the largest order contributing member of Teleflor International which includes over 54,000 florist members. As a result, Euroflorist can offer same day delivery of fresh flowers designed by a professional florist to almost any corner of the world.

EuroFlorist has been an industry pioneer on many fronts. In 1988, the company conceived and developed the EuroFlorist FlowerCard for use as payment in EuroFlorist member florist shops. Since then millions of FlowerCards have been sold across Europe. In August 1995, the Company established its consumer website and was first in Europe to sell flowers over the internet.

As an established international company Euroflorist has always maintained its head office in Malmö, Sweden. The company has operations across Europe from the combination of setting up a local florist relay networks from the ground up and acquisitions of existing florist relay network companies.

Euroflorist is a privately owned company and its main investor is Litorina Kapital based in Stockholm, Sweden.

For strategy reason, Euroflorist Group took the decision in Summer 2012 to relaunch the name Téléfleurs for the French market. 

 Milestone events in the Euroflorist history include the following:

1982 Company was founded in Malmo, Sweden as Svensk Blomsterförmedling

1988 Developed and launched FlowerCards

1988 Established operations in Norway

1990 Changed name to Euroflorist

1993 Established operations in Denmark by company acquisition

1995 Pioneered online Internet flower ordering in Sweden

1996 Established operations in Poland

1998 Launched second generation of e-commerce website

2001 Established operations in Germany

2001 Launched third generation of e-commerce website

2002 Established operations in Austria

2003 Expanded into Netherlands by company acquisition

2004 Expanded into France by company acquisition of Téléfleurs

2004 Launched fourth generation of e-commerce

2005 Winner of Microsoft .NET Award for Europe’s most modern e-commerce platform.

2005 Expanded operations in Germany by company acquisition

2006 Expanded into Belgium and Luxembourg by company acquisitions

2007 3 000 florists from all other the world celebrated EuroFlorist 25th Anniversary in Barcelona

2010 Euroflorist merge with eFlorist

2010 Creation of two floral centers in Malmö and Aalsmeer

2010 Launching of the 5th generation of ecommerce site

2012 Relaunch of Téléfleurs name on the French market